Custom Work?


Ask what can D.F. Smith Historic make for you!


D.F. Smith Historic would love to discus with you your custom project! We take on an array of custom projects. From one of a kind items to multiple items.


We happily work with Individuals, Groups & Museums


So. What can you make for me?


Some of the custom work we offer is the following:


  • Custom leather work for that special purpose or person. We specialize in taking your ideas & making them reality.


  • Accoutrements, Field Gear, Ammunition Boxes, Belts, Sword Belts, Scabbards, etc.


  • Caps, 19th Century American, WW2 Soviet & European Soviet Russian Helmet Restoration, Repaint & Relining.


  • Uniforms of the American Civil War are a specialty D.F. SMITH has made uniforms and caps for museums around the country! We are known for our period detail work, accurate to original examples. We can make that uniform you have been wanting.


  • Unique and hard to find items reproduced. Let us know about that item you have been looking for. We can make it or find it for you!


While we are not inexpensive, D.F. Smith Historic Design is fairly priced for custom period accurate work.


We believe in getting the project done correctly with the proper materials so your item will look and wear like the originals.


Contact Us Today for an estimate on your custom project! We look forward to hearing from you!